Progressive Metrics can assist clients through effective research and information gathering in the following areas:


Improving the future outlook for resources requires not just a plan, but a plan based on real knowledge. We can provide critical research for resource capacity development where you need it most – your donors, members and supporters:

  • Donor Profiling and Analytics
  • Issues, Values and Attitudes
  • Message Coherence
  • Organizational Affinity and Feedback

Stakeholder Research

Institutional partners need to work together effectively for campaigns to succeed. Support and input into strategic development – and understanding the limits of their involvement – is crucial to well-functioning advocacy work. Progressive Metrics can research key stakeholder and institutional supporters, including other advocacy organizations, employees, board members, foundations, government regulators, government allies – even corporate funders.

Opinion Polling

We can provide a range of public opinion polling services:

  • Issues, Values and Attitudes
  • Effective Messaging
  • Support Preferences

Voter ID

Through our Toronto call centre, we can execute large scale Voter Identification and profiling programs quickly and efficiently, and with comprehensive and accurate results.

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