Principled commitments and a passion for social justice are the driving forces behind organizations – and entire movements – dedicated to social change. Resource capacities are what often make the difference in achieving it. We know how hard this can be.

Connecting you to donors, motivating them to give, and retaining their support over the long term is what Progressive Metrics does best. Whether by phone, mail or digital/social media, we can design & implement a full fundraising campaign that uses the response strategies that work best for you.

Whatever your fundraising goals, it will be carried out with the integrity of your organization at the forefront.

Progressive Metrics can provide a complete range of fundraising programs:

  • Donor Research
  • Acquisition
  • Renewals
  • Lapsed Re-activation
  • Monthly Giving Conversions & Upgrades
  • Legacy Appeals
  • Specialized Donor Appeals
  • Emergency Appeals
  • Donor Welcome & Thank You Packages

Our full-service compliment will handle pledge fulfillment, address changes & look-ups, donor profiling and list management.


The quality and dedication to personalized donor relations on every single call is the key to successful telephone fundraising. It is also strengthens donor commitment over the long term. We believe the power of persuasion flows much more naturally when it comes from a representative who shares the same passion as you do, and when that passion is matched with the respect they accord donors.

Part of Progressive Metrics capacity includes a Toronto-based call centre. Our representatives are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about progressive causes, and have a special like-minded commitment to supporting the missions of our clients. The relationship they bring to each and every donor they speak with is what separates us from others.

Progressive Metrics provides full quality control to its clients, including statistical analysis, real-time monitoring, regular feedback and program evaluation.

Direct Mail

It is more difficult than ever to connect with donors in the flood of appeals from so many organizations.

Whether a regular house mailing, a special emergency appeal, a search for new donors, or finding the most consisted and dedicated supporters – we can design and carry out a mailing program that brings you success.

From concept and communications strategy, to design, creative development and production management, to the mailing and follow-up: we can deliver innovative direct mail strategies that get results.


Digital and social media are ever-increasing response tools of choice for donors. You want to be where they are. Let us help you. Digital communications are a big part of new fundraising strategies, complementing the traditional ones. We can assist you with:

  • E-mail appeals
  • On-line fundraising campaigns
  • Website design and development
  • Social media strategies

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Research/ List Management

Understanding and evaluating donor support is critical for improving the success of your resource base. That means knowing who they are, and how they relate to your fundraising objectives and your organization as a whole.

A database audit can help evaluate the performance of your donor base over time, giving you the opportunity to find out what you really know about your donors, measure trends, identify new opportunities- and plan accordingly.

Progressive Metrics can not only help you get the most out of your current database – we can help you add crucial data about your donors through donor profiling mechanisms integrated directly into your fundraising campaign, or through a multitude of independent research strategies.