Progressive Metrics is concerned with getting progressive movements and organizations working effectively – and winning. We specialize in assisting trade unions, workers organizations, grassroots campaigns, political advocacy organizations and progressive candidates work effectively for social change. From developing strategic goals to acquiring the crucial resources needed to carry out successful campaigns, Progressive Metrics can provide unique solutions in campaign strategy, fundraising and communications. We can back that up with the necessary logistical support to make sure it gets done.

Quite simply: We resource social activism.

Campaign Strategy

We can assess your capacities, and help develop your overall vision, your goals, and your strategies. We can help you develop a coherent, executable, flexible and effective plan to make sure you reach your goals and realize your vision.

Progressive Metrics works exclusively with politically progressive forces: labour, social democrats, left candidates, environmental and social justice organizations and progressive NGO’s.


Whether you require complete communications strategy and planning, or need to review or strengthen an existing program, we’ll work with you to develop an innovative solution tailored directly to your unique needs. Our communications consulting takes an approach that emphasises real-world diversity, tailored constituent emphasis and disciplined central messaging.


Every movement is built on resource capacities. Making sure progressive movements, organizations and political representatives acquire those resources is what we do best. Whether you are a small organization needing a resource development plan, or a large organization facing a declining resource base, we can help you.

We aren’t just about getting resources. We are about getting you getting resources for the long haul. From strategic concept to full-service logistical support: we can assist you with complete fundraising planning and implementation.

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