Real world movements are fluid and dynamic. But co-ordinating clear and disciplined vision and messages are challenges not easily overcome. Mobilizing diverse, diffuse and sometimes even isolated constituencies to truly coalesce around a shared set of goals, shared strategies and tactics, and mutually supportive, inclusive engagement in activism and capacity development is no easy task. An effective communications strategy lies at the heart of any successful campaign.

That’s why we’re here.

Progressive Metrics can develop truly comprehensive communication strategy for your campaigns that considers all elements: members, stakeholders, policy and critical decision-makers, leaders and activists, the general public- and organized opponents. Each has its unique challenges. All need to be consistent with the core vision.

Progressive Metrics can implement these communication strategies through a variety of logistical tools. We can boost your own capacities with our communications centre in Toronto, where we can handle large-volume calling to get that vision where it needs to be- and make sure it’s effective.

Community Relations

We can develop a communications strategy to attract and relate to diverse constituencies, successfully mobilizing and cultivating individuals and organizations to engage, collaborate and educate on issues of mutual concern to the community. We can assist in stakeholder development, community animation and leadership training.

Policy and Decision-makers

Progressive Metrics can assist you with strategy and preparation for interaction with key decision and policy-makers.

Internal Membership Development

The most effective capacity is developed over time. When it comes to your members, supporters, and interested observers, we can help. Progressive Metrics can assist in the long-term with membership focused communications:


  • Content Research
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Editorial Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Website Development


  • Developing Community Capacities
  • Leadership Development

Membership Contact

  • Membership Data Acquisition and Updates
  • Information Relay and Feedback
  • Targeted Membership Contact
  • Town Hall Organization

Voter Contact

Progressive Metrics operates a Toronto call centre that can manage large-scale, live person contact. At election time, finding your voters matters – and the task can be daunting.

We provide accurate, efficient and large-volume voter contact services for progressive candidates, parties, and progressive third-party advocacy organizations and campaigns.

We can put a voter communications strategy into practice. And get results.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.